Latin Club

MMS Latin Club
Ms. Ariel Thebert-Wright faculty sponsor

Latin club is an opportunity for students to be involved with peers and increase their understanding of the classics. Although events may not all tie directly into Roman culture, but serve as a way for Latin students to be social with each other outside of class. We will also have several community service events throughout the year so this is a great chance for students to get involved. Students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills through running for and holding an office for Latin club. Holding an office requires solid leadership skills, listening, strong communication, and organization.


Latin Club dues will include admission to all club events, except for the Rome trip and the Latin Club T-shirt. Club Dues are now only $30.00 for the year!

2014-2014 Events:

September: Maize Maze (corn maze)

October: Pumpkin Carving

November: Ding-Dong-Ditch a Turkey

December: Saturnalia Dinner

January: Ice Skating

February: Cookie Mosaics

March: Bowling for the Ides


May: Roman Banquet

Time Commitment:

Latin club will have one meeting per month to go over scheduling and club business. We will also have one event per month which will require both sign-up and parent volunteers. It is important to note that the time and dates of these meetings and events is contingent on finding a reasonable time for most if not all students to attend and participate. Please fill out the availability calendar below and we will schedule (as a group) the optimal time for club meetings.






Before School

Before School

Before School

Before School

Before School

After School

After School

After School

After School

After School

Membership form:  See below.

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